Fukushima Radiation and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Fukushima Radiation Dangers

Fukushima Radiation Dangers, Protection For You and Your Family

Since the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on March 11, 2011, the Japanese people have been struck with a tragedy of unthinkable proportion, and the world has been confronted with the threat of Fukushima radiation, the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

Within days, radiation was detected in Tokyo and other nearby cities drinking water and just 20 days after the event, radiation was detected and reported in the western United States, Alaska and Canada.

Leaks and Explosions from the three extremely damaged reactors at Fukushima, Japan, have allowed radioactive contamination to be released directly into the atmosphere and surrounding water at the rate of 400 metric tons per day.

Nuclear energy authorities agree it is only a matter of time before it reaches literally every corner of the world. As the situation continues to unfold it is apparent that to one extent or another we will all be living with the aftermath of this monumental disaster and human tragedy for a long time to come.

We began receiving questions from concerned Distributors almost immediately following news of the crisis at the Fukushima reactors. The questions were almost always the same: What can people do to protect themselves? How does this impact GNLD products or raw materials?

What you should know about Fukushima radiation:

Prepare your body to defend itself: When it comes to personal health there is no simple solution to radiation exposure short of avoiding it however if you live directly downwind in the fallout, the risks from extreme rapid exposure are not as severe.

As of 2014 many  new reports are coming in that are saying that the entire west coast of the United States in danger of a slow moving radiation cloud from Fukushima and that anyone in that area should well prepare for this unseen danger that is upon us.

In fact, the sort of low level radiation most people will be exposed to from this event is well within the body’s ability to deal with. Natural defense systems within the body have the capacity to protect and even repair low level radiation-caused damage within cells and their DNA.

These defense systems rely directly and indirectly upon foods and the nutrients they contain. Whole food nutrients protect cells by improving the response to stress through activation of both antioxidant and detoxifying defense systems.

Omega-3 fatty acids assert anti-inflammatory properties. Proteins support tissue healing and repair. In fact, the exact whole food nutrients you rely on to promote health and vitality every day are the same ones that will maximize your body’s ability to handle such radiation exposure.

The same is true for low level exposure from food or water. It is something to be avoided, and you should listen to health authorities for guidance in that regard. But unless you are in the directly affected areas the levels of radiation present can be best handled by a body that is well nourished with powerful protector nutrients from whole foods and GNLD’s whole food supplements.

Two reasons you can be assured that GNLD products are as safe as always:

First, we do not source any raw materials from that region of the world. Though our raw materials are sourced from a sophisticated global supplier network, none of them comes from the affected area in North Eastern Japan.

Second, our product quality assurance system already had a component that included checks for background radiation exposure. You can be sure we have heightened our level of awareness and intensity since this tragedy occurred, but having a system in place already gives us a head start on any potential issues or challenges.

We’re also working closely with our supplier across the world to assure no radio-contaminated raw materials find their way into our products.

As this tragedy with the Fukushima radiation continues to unfold, we will remain ever vigilant in our commitment to keep all GNLD products free from any adverse effects from this, and any other challenge to product quality or safety.


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