Tre-en-en – A Perfect “10” From Its Inception

With 2016 here we have seen more and more overwhelming studies and reports showing clear evidence concerning the importance of whole grains and the nutrients in your daily diet.

With this information we want to see our customers achieve optimal health and vitality and with this Neolife has announced the decision to revise their Tre-en-en® Grain Concentrates dosage recommendation from the previous “1 capsule daily” to “1 to 3 capsules daily.”

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This move ties in well with emerging science from the Harvard School of Public Health, the USDA, and other important world agencies that says a minimum of three servings of whole grain each day is the best dietary target for optimal health.

For more information on this topic, please refer to the recent issue of GNLD’s News You Can Use on the Gnld/Neolife website here.

Our new labels are already beginning to reflect this change. Since there istre-en-en-grain concentrates no change to the formula whatsoever, using your current bottles of Tre-en-en with the old labeling and sharing the important science behind this new dosage of “1 to 3 capsules daily” is perfectly acceptable.

Since 1958, GNLD/Neolife has focused on the importance of nutrition at the cellular level and how Tre-en-en plays such a unique and vital role in attaining optimal health.

From our inception, Neolife products including Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates, have been a reflection of our knowledge and understanding of human nutritional needs. Using nature as our blueprint and scientific research to support our beliefs, we have created products you can use for a lifetime.

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John Miller
Vice President of Science and Technology
GNLD International

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