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As many of you know, GNLD (Neo-Life) has always “lead the pack” when it comes to product development – some of the statistics are as follows:
  • Our Vitamin C, as you know, contained flavonoids many, many years before flavonoids become popular.  Our Vitamin C is like orange juice with the water removed.  It is not the same as ascorbic acid and contains other important ingredients that are found naturally in citrus fruits.
  • We were selling acidophilus many, many years before it became popular as well.  GNLD did the research and knew this was a vital nutrient to aid digestion, absorption, assimilation and we are way ahead of the new wave of probiotics.

‘Good bacteria’: 4 promising uses for probiotics

While we have long thought of bacteria as “bad,” it’s now becoming clear that the human microbiome — that network of “friendly,”probiotic
  • Our Cal-Mag contained 400 IU of Vitamin D long before Vitamin D became such a hot item.  With all the current research and scientific date accumulated, it was determined that an increase in Vitamin D was important and now we have 1000 international units in one serving of our Cal-Mag tablets.  The important thing to remember is GNLD new this was a vital nutrient many years before it became popular.
  • Our protein drinks are another product that has leadership in the industry.  One reason –   Because it contains digestive enzymes to help you absorb the protein.  Whether young or old, our protein drinks are powerful nutritional support.  For years we have had doctors using our protein with patients who are sick and don’t have appetites.  We have been using GNLD protein since we started our business in 1967.
  • GNLD introduced Salmon Oil before it was popular.  Since then we have a revised the formulation in Salmon Oil Plus.  We now have two Salmon Oils, giving you a choice.  Our Salmon Oil continues to be one of our top sellers because it works.  You can use it and feel the difference.  It has been made from health-screened fish with zero tolerance for PCB’s.

Turmeric + fish oil could prevent type 2 diabetes

Newcastle researchers are investigating whether an Indian spice, combined with fish oil, can prevent type two diabetes. University of Newcastle…


These are only a few of the great line of industry leaders we have.  Our products are designed to help people feel better, have more energy and a longer, healthier, happy life

It is our responsibility to share these products with those we love and care about.  You are one of those people!  We are thankful to have the opportunity to help you feel better and have more energy. 

Thank you for being a part of our lives and we look forward to serving you for many years to come!
Merenna and Ted

Health is Wealth and Wealth Is Health”


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