Flavonoid Complex Immune Protection

Flavonoid Complex

If you have a low intake of blue, purple, and magenta fruit and vegetables

  • less than one to two servings daily

  • prone to ‘flu’ and colds

  • prone to sore throats

  • always get the latest virus

  • prone to allergies

  • want better immune function

  • want better cancer protection

  • aim to reduce heart problems

  • aim to improve circulation

  • need an anti-inflammatory

  • arthritic pains and swelling

If any of the above symptoms pertain to you, you need FLAVONOID COMPLEX

Dietary flavonoid intake and cardiovascular risk: a population-based cohort study

The cardio-protective effects of flavonoids are still controversial; many studies referred to the benefits of specific foods, such as soy, cocoa, tea.

Health experts recommend six to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day as diets high in these two things are linked with:

  • lower risk of heart disease

  • lower risk of cancer

  • better immune function

  • increased longevity

Epigenetic activities of flavonoids in the prevention and treatment of cancer

Interestingly, many phytochemicals present in plant foods, particularly flavonoids, are suggested to be able to alter epigenetic cellular…


  • broad spectrum water soluble antioxidant. Each table equals one optimal serving of flavonoid rich fruits and vegetables.

  • Contains whole natural foods: cranberries, kale, green tea, beets, elderberries, raspberries, blueberries, red and black grapes, oranges, lemons and grapefruit.

  • 50 mg natural Vitamin C enhances absorption and protects potency

  • delivers all the five families of flavonoids: flavones, flavanones, flavanols, catechins, anthocyanins

  • proven profile of individual flavonoid family ratios

  • ellagic acid: has the added benefit of anti-cancer, antioxidant ellagic acid

  • 5 times the anthocyanin and proanthocyanin content of products offering only this one subset

  • backed by substantial research date

  • anti-cancer, anti-aging

  • anti-heart disease. Decreases the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol and reduces platelet stickiness

  • strengthens capillaries and blood vessels

  • anti-inflammatory action

  • anti-allergy and anti-infection action

  • 100% natural, no artificial flavors, preservatives, colors or sweeteners

  • each bottle contains 60 tablets

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