Neuropathy, Numbness of the Hands and Feet

Neuropathy, Numbness of the Hands or Feet

A sign of Neuropathy:   “A sensory loss in hands and/or feet, often with a distribution similar to what would be covered by wearing stockings or gloves.”  Sensor loss may be accompanied by tingling or burning.

This is a sign characteristic of nerve damage.  Neuropathy often companies diabetes, heavy metal or pesticide poisoning.   Neuropathy may also be caused by gluten intolerance.

Neuropathy: One man’s journey through pain and frustration

Neuropathy is a painful affliction in which your nerves actually start dying., but new methods of treatment make it more manageable.

According to Jim McAfee, CCN, in his book “Your Body’s Sign Language” it is little known among health professionals that neuropathy is the second most common symptom of gluten sensitivity.  Gluten intolerance is rarely diagnosed or even suspected.  Neuropathy may predict Crohn’s disease or other severe digestive problems when gluten is poorly tolerated.

More than half of diabetic patients develop neuropathy, which results from oxidative damage to the nerves.  Attempts to control diabetic neuropathy should include not only control of blood sugar, but also the use of antioxidants to protect the nerves from oxidative damage.  Alpha-lipoic acid is an important antioxidant for the diabetic, 600 mg or more a day having been used to successfully treat neuropathy.

Zinc and Vitamin E, both of which play a role as antioxidants, have also seen used successfully to treat this condition,  Vitamin E protects the lipid membranes of nerve cells.  Zinc aids in regulation of blood sugar and is essential for metabolism of fats – the major building block of nerve cells.

A number of B vitamins benefit neuropathy.  They provide energy with which nerve cells can protect themselves and aid in the detoxification of substances that can damage the nerves. 

Common causes of neuropathy  in the elderly who are not diabetics are deficiencies of vitamin B12 and folic acid.  Vitamin B12 deficiencies develop as a result of lowered hydrochloric acid production in the stomach as we age. 

Fish oils also benefit neuropathy.  In one study 21 diabetics with neuropathy were given 600 mg EPA three times a day for 48 weeks.  Indications of neuropathy began to improve significantly after 12 weeks.  Those diabetics also demonstrated improved blood flow to the feet and a significant improvement in kidney function.   Deterioration in kidney function is generally considered difficult to prevent.  Since large amounts of fish oil may increase the diabetic’s blood sugar, they must be carefully monitored when fish oils are added to the diet. 

Addressing Peripheral Neuropathy in Prediabetes

Peripheral neuropathy may be more common in patients with prediabetes than previously thought, and early interventions may be warranted in …

Many industrial and agricultural chemicals are toxic enough to the nervous system that they also cause neuropathy. Those who carelessly use or expose themselves to toxic chemicals place their health at greater risk than they often know.

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·         Avoid gluten if sensitive to it

·         Avoid heavy metal, pesticides, toxic chemical exposure

·         Keep blood sugar stable

·         Supplement with Protein

·         Nouri-Shake, Super Ease,GR2 Meal Replacement Protein Drink, 

·         Super B, Super C

·          Phytodefense (Carotenoids, Flavinoids, Cruciverous),

·         Chelated Zinc

·         Eat Fish and supplement with GNLD’s Salmon Oil,

·         Vitamin E Plus


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