Gratitude Exercises for Emotional Well-Being

Give your life a positive spin — with gratitude.

Gratitude. Think of it as a gift to yourself — one that keeps on giving. Research suggests that positive thinking, including expressing gratitude,  can have a pleasant effect on mind and body. Perhaps it boosts our ability to stick with healthful habits, such as an exercise program. Or, maybe it helps spare us from the ill effects of a negative frame of mind.

People with poor emotional health are more prone to colds and other infections — and may even heal more slowly. No matter how it works, it appears to have pretty compelling results. Studies that compare groups of people have found that those who express optimism and gratitude:

  • Are more upbeat
  • Have fewer physical complaints
  • Feel less depressed and stressed
  • Feel better about their lives as a whole
  • Journal for joy

Here are a few gratitude exercises to build your gratitude momentum.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

To encourage positive thinking, keep a gratitude journal. To do this:

  • Set aside about 15 minutes at the end of the day.
  • List things that made you feel peaceful, happy or grateful that day.

Keep it up for two or three weeks. This may be long enough to help you develop a new way of thinking. Of course, you may find that keeping a gratitude journal is a habit you enjoy — and want to continue.

Search for Silver

Is looking on the sunny side not your specialty? Don’t worry. It’s a behavior you can work on. Try asking yourself: How was today better than other days? and, if you need to, go with the very basics: getting out of bed, food, shelter, etc. It will get easier with practice — and then, you can be grateful for that!

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